The 10 Best Scandal-Free Diesels

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2015.10.9 1500 ecodiesel
2015.10.9 1500 ecodiesel /

#9. 2016 Dodge Ram 1500 EcoDiesel

Price- $37,405

MPG – 19 City/29 Highway

Power- 240 HP and 420 lb-ft

Towing Capacity: 9,200 pounds

Weighing in at an earth shattering 6,950 pounds, you wouldn’t believe it if I told you that this Ecodiesel that happens to be able to tow 9000 pounds actually gets 29 MPG on the highway, but it’s true. For those who’ve driven the Ecodiesel, they’ve reported that it’s powerful and smooth, sometimes more so than its V8 gas engine counterparts. Thanks to a turbo sized right for this engine, low-speed turbo lag is all but gone. With a 26-gallon fuel tank, trips that stretch close to 500 miles and beyond are very well possible.

As far as handling goes, the Ram 1500 is the only full-size truck that offers adjustable air suspension but many report that the standard suspension rides just fine

In terms of exterior styling, there’s not much to say really. It’s a truck. Very much utilitarian. Where the Ram 1500 really shines is in its tough as nails interior construction and soft to the touch cabin materials. The front seats are comfortable and supportive and thanks to copious amounts of sound deadening and sturdy construction, highway noise is nonexistent. This being a work truck first and foremost, there’s plenty of storage to be found all over, even lockable compartments on the side of the bed called Ram Boxes.

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