The 10 Best Scandal-Free Diesels

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#8. 2016 Ford F-250 TurboDiesel

Price- $40,865

MPG – 19 City/23 MPG (estimated)

Power- 440 HP and 860 lb-ft

Towing Capacity: 12,000

Make no mistake, the Ford F-250 Turbodiesel was meant to pull. If you’re looking for a truck to put around town with, it would behoove you to check out the Ford F-150 lineup as the Super Duty lineup is strictly for working (but no one’s not stopping you from buying one to cruise around in.)

As for the shape of the Ford F-250, there’s not much to say really as these trucks have had this shape for years. Inside, it’s clearly function over form with plenty of hard lines all over. There’s lots of plastic materials all around and compared to the Ram 1500, it’s almost at the opposite end of the spectrum of utilitarian and luxury. Those who have driven the F-250 turbo diesel are impressed with how quiet it is inside.

Fun Fact: For 2016 Ford has taken a page from the F-150 and thrown in an aluminum body panels to the tune of 700 pounds less.

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