The 10 Best Scandal-Free Diesels

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#7. 2016 Transit Diesel

Price- $36,995

MPG – 30 MPG combined(estimated)

Power- 185 HP and 350 Lb-Ft

Towing Capacity: 4,700

Although they do offer the Ford Transit Van with available seating in configuration of 8,10,12, and 15 (thanks to being the replacement for the old Ford Econoline) the Ford Transit is made for businesses and for hauling large amounts of…stuff. Thanks to 90 percent of its torque being found in the 1700-3500 RPM range, that means driving around town is no problem with all that torque available down low. Mated to this unique inline four is a six-speed automatic transmission with power routed to the rear wheels.

Compared to the Econoline which it replaced, the Ford Transit drives like a sports car in comparison. It’s hydraulic rack and pinion steering does a fine job of maneuvering around the daily challenges you’ll come across in everyday city driving. With a strut-type front suspension and anti-roll bar, handling is quite good.

Outside, there isn’t much to say about styling. The 2016 Ford Transit has adopted a similar design language to go along with the rest of the Ford Family. Inside, interior quality is quite good. After all, this Transit was bred in Europe.  So if you’ve got lots to haul on a daily basis or happen to need transport for your church choir, this is the diesel for you.

Fun Fact: The inline five-cylinder diesel engine used in the Ford Transit is the same engine found in the global market 2016 Ford Ranger. This one has been tuned for the North American Market to meet emissions standards.

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