The 10 Best Scandal-Free Diesels

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2015.10.9 535d
2015.10.9 535d /

#3. 2016 BMW 535D

Price- $57,350

MPG – 26 City/38 MPG Highway

Power- 255HP and 413 lb-ft of torque

The 2016 BMW 535D was the 2016 Diesel Car of the Year according to and its well deserved. Taking a democratic approach to the whole voting process, out of more than 12,000 individual votes casted, the 535d received an overwhelming 31.5 percent of the votes.  As this diesel isn’t meant for towing BMW has geared it to satisfy the motoring enthusiast. Thanks to the natural engine characteristics of a straight six, this diesel is both smooth and satisfying. There’s obviously plenty of torque and power whre it counts the most. The only drawback being that since it’s a diesel, you probably won’t enjoy the same sound as in its gas counterpart.

Nevertheless, the BMW 5-series class leading handling and cornering prowess will be the factors that wins you over and makes this diesel a real canyon carver. The torque is what makes it a daily driver masterpiece.

Styling wise, the BMW is athletic yet sophisticated. Although it’s a large car, it’s design language hides its heft well. If you’re looking for a smaller diesel in the BMW family, you’re in luck as the 328 also comes in a diesel variant.

Inside BMW has mastered what understated luxury is all about. The cabin is first and foremost driver oriented with many of the controls readily at hand. The 535d seats five and there’s plenty of room out back for even the tallest of passengers. Trunk space is a bit lacking.

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