Back To The Future Trilogy: Top 30 Vehicles

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#19- Ford Mustang
#19- Ford Mustang /

#19- 1987 Ford Mustang Convertible Future Concept

Appeared in: Back to the Future II

The 1987 Ford Mustang future concept car was one of the first futuristic flying cars Marty sees roll up in front of him. Marty’s just arrived in 2015 Hills Valley and as he turns to face the movie theatre, this dark red 1987 Ford Mustang Convertible flies out of the sky, lands at Hill Valley’s sky ramp and rolls to a stop at the next intersection. As far as Ford Mustang’s go, it’s pretty clean except for the flying conversion kit around each wheel well and that large spoiler jutting from the back. We imagine that the spoiler acts as a stabilizer in the air as there’s no need for downforce.

When the 1987 Ford Mustang is rolling on the ground, it would’ve been powered by a 2.3 inline four cylinder making a whopping 90 HP and 176 lb-ft of torque. 1987 also marked the year for the last major redesign of the Fox body Mustang until it was replaced with an updated version of the Fox platform in 1994. This mid-cycle refresh saw the Mustang receive a more “Aero” look with one piece headlights up front and slightly softer lines out back.

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