Back To The Future Trilogy: Top 30 Vehicles

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#16-1985 Owosso Pulse

Appeared in: Back to the Future II

You’ve probably never heard of the Owosso Pulse. The story behind the Pulse and how the manufacturers of the Pulse hoped that BTTF2 exposure would translate to sales makes for an interesting story.

The Owosso Pulse was a three-wheeled motorcycle that was produced between 1985-1990 with an enclosed seat that more resembled a fighter plane cockpit than an actual car. Outside of the set of two wings on either side of the Pulse are two wheels. In the entire five years of production, only 347 were actually made.

In the movie we see two Owosso Pulses. There’s a red one right when Marty walks out into Hill Valley’s Town Square which passes him by and there’s a blue and white one parked off to the side we catch a glimpse of when Griff’s buddies are trying to catch Marty. You can still find the red Owosso Pulse parked at Universal Studios and if you search around youtube you can find a couple of Owosso Pulses driving around.

Although only a couple hundred were produced you can find a couple floating around on craigslist or ebay. Here’s one that Hooniverse found for sale last year.

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