Back To The Future Trilogy: Top 30 Vehicles

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#13- BMW 7 series
#13- BMW 7 series /

#13-1984 BMW 733i

Appeared in: Back to the Future I

In the beginning of the BTTF, George McFly is introduced as having an old and dilapidated 1976 Chevrolet Nova that happens to be towed in. By the end of BTTF when Marty McFly returns home and everything has suddenly changed for the better, we catch of glimpse of what George McFly is driving now and it’s one of the 80’s best European luxo-barges, a 1984 BMW 733i.

2015.10.18 BMW 733i
2015.10.18 BMW 733i /

Back in the 80’s, brand new this BMW cost you just about $36,000 and adjusting for inflation that’s around $77,000 in today’s money. Powered by a BMW M30 inline straight six, it made a whopping 194 HP and 206 lb-ft of torque. That might not seem like much today but back then, that was plenty. When you’re driving in a sea of four-cylinder Chevrolet Celebrities and Nissan Stanzas, the 733i was an F1 car in comparison. In North America, these BMW’s had the distinction of being outfitted with larger bumpers both front and back to comply with safety standards, smaller headlights that were sealed beam, lower compression pistons and quite a bit of emissions controls not found on European-market cars. That being said, USDM 733i’s were slightly less powerful than its Euro variants.

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