Back To The Future Trilogy: Top 30 Vehicles

Photo Credit: Universal Studios
Photo Credit: Universal Studios /
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#11-AMC Eagle
#11-AMC Eagle /

#6-1984 AMC Eagle 

Appeared in: Back to the Future I and III

We get to see this awesome American car twice on two separate occasions. The first time is when Mr. Buzzkill a.k.a. Jennifer Parker’s dad gives a double blast on his horn to grab the attention of the canoodling couple. And the second time is quite bitter-sweetly at the end of BTTF III when Marty goes to wake Jennifer from her slumber on the porch of her house. Parked in front is the AMC Eagle parked backwards right where her Dad left it.

Jennifer’s dad was prety awesome to have owned an AMC Eagle which was one of the quintessential cars (in wagon form) of the 80’s characterized by its comfortable ride on the highway and ability to trek off the beaten path (for light-duty use of course.) Although it was not advertised as a rugged 4×4, with its four wheel drive system, it was capable of going where normal FWD and RWD cars had difficulties.  By stuffing in 4WD technology from AMC’s Jeep Division underneath what was originally a Hornet/Corncord chassis, AMC sort-of invented the first American Crossover.

Fun Fact: The AMC Eagle used in BTTF I was loaned to Universal Studios by AMC (as well as the few jeeps, Grand Wagoneer and Cherokees from the Chrysler corporation.) Five years later when they made BTTF III, the AMC Eagle used in the scene is a 1985 model as only keen eyed fans will notice the power bulge on the hood not available on ’84 models.

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