Back To The Future Trilogy: Top 30 Vehicles

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#4- Biffs BMW
#4- Biffs BMW /

#4- 1976 BMW 633 CSi

Appeared in: Back to the Future II

This was one of the more memorable futuristic cars from BTTF II as it was owned by one Griff Tannen. It was a heavily modified hover-converted version of the car and featured a rather unique black and orange paint job. We first see this car parked outside of 80’s cafe and it unfortunately suffers from a bat by Griff himself when he flies right by it.

Aficionauto recently followed up with the person who actually bought the original 1976 BMW 633 CSi and did the owner Jeff Chabbote justice by making a great little documentary of its story and how it was purchased and restored. Check out that video below.

Fun Fact: The shot where we first see the 1976 BMW 633 CSi make its way onto the screen which it hovers and lands outside of Cafe 80’s, the production crew used a fork lift to pull off the landing. In addition, the BMW wasn’t a USDM model but was actually a German import. After spending a couple of years in a museum in Branson, Missouri and in the hands of a restorer who couldn’t quite get to the project himself Jeff Chabbote restored the entire BMW to its original glory in three weeks. Although the engine works and runs, it only can stay in first gear as it was never meant to drive.

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