Back To The Future Trilogy: Top 30 Vehicles

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#2 Toyota
#2 Toyota /

#2- 1985 Toyota Xtra Cab 4×4

Appeared in: Back to the Future II

Marty first saw this truck pull up to a Texaco gas station in 1985 and immediately wanted it. As we all remember at the end of BTTF I Marty does indeed end up with the 1985 Toyota Xtra Cab 4×4, freshly waxed with two coats by Biff’s personal detailing service. We then see the Toyota truck in the opening shots of BTTF II and again in BTTF III when Marty picks up a sleepy Jennifer and backs out of a drag race.

Click here to check out an actual picture of the 1985 Toyota Truck restored to its original glory here. 

Supposedly there were two trucks used in the series. The first truck was unfortunately destroyed after filming with the second truck having a much happier ending. The second truck was located somewhere in Southern California and has since been restored to its original glory.  And according to the restorers, there’s a bit of crazy history behind the 1985 Toyota Truck.

"We learned all about the crazy journey the truck’s been on since filming, including it being stolen many years ago, and then recovered by the Federales in Mexico and returned! One of the most exciting things that came with the truck is Michael J. Fox’s autograph – a note written on the passenger side sun visor to the original owner of the truck, that reads, “Keith – Many thanks. See you on something else I’m sure. Michael J. Fox”. It’s impossible to drive the vehicle and not imagine looking over and seeing Jennifer riding shotgun! Or… looking out the driver’s side window and saying, “Hey, Needles…” This is the actual truck that Michael J. Fox drove as Marty McFly when he decided not to race Needles in the end of part III (and didn’t crash into the Rolls Royce!) The distinctive double roll bars with the KC truck lights are easy to spot in Part II and III. The truck used in part I had a single roll bar and was sadly demolished years ago, making this the only screen-used Marty McFly truck on the planet!"

#2 Toyota 2
#2 Toyota 2 /

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