Back To The Future Trilogy: Top 30 Vehicles

Photo Credit: Universal Studios
Photo Credit: Universal Studios /
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#26- 2015 Cran
#26- 2015 Cran /

#26- 2015 Plymouth Cranbrook

Appeared in: Back to the Future II

Ok, so this car wasn’t technically the 2015 Plymouth Cranbrook but we’d like to believe that Universal Studios took a modern interpretation of what a Plymouth Cranbrook would look like in the future. Just like in the shot from 1955, we get a glimpse at what service stations would supposedly look like in the future. Texaco is still there but this time there’s a 7-11 down below and they actually offer hydrogen as a refueling option which is an option today. Prices are a bit up there with a gallon of gas costing $8.99 a gallon.

The car that shows up at the station is styled a bit more like a Salt flat racer more than anything else. With a sleek body shaped fuselage and skinny tires, this concept car certainly cuts through the wind. Out back, there’s an ever so slight rear spoiler and overall the profile of the 2015 Plymout Cranbrook takes inspiration from a wedge and tapers out towards the tail end.

It’s interesting to note that the refueling technology Texaco uses, automated robotic arms, is a technology that came out just this year thanks to Tesla Motors. Arguably, automated robotic fueling arms were already available for airplanes with in-flight re-fuels but this is the first time this technology is available for cars. And unlike the Texaco station in the movie, Elon Musk’s technology is electricity only.

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