Back To The Future Trilogy: Top 30 Vehicles

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#25- Skylark
#25- Skylark /

#25- 1952 Willy Aero Lark

Appeared in: Back to the Future II

Right after Marty burns the sports almanac on the ground and subsequently undoes any damage Biff is able to pull off in the future, the Delorean is still hovering in the air but gets struck by a blast of lightning that sends Doc Brown into the future. Marty left wondering to himself what now, a courier from Western Union arrives in a 1952 Willys Aero Lark where the Courier hands Marty a letter which is now 70 years old. Through the headlights of the 1952 Willy Aero Lark, Marty is able to read the letter from Doc Brown in 1855 which sets the timeline for BTTF III.

The 1952 Willy Aero Lark certainly was a period correct car for the time. Built and assembled in  Maywood, California it was a short lived car that only saw four years of production from 1952-1955. 1952 Models of the Willy Aero Lark came equipped with a six-cylinder flat head lightening engine. A selling point for the Aero Lark was its light weight and highway cruising capabilities. Owners reported being able to cruise at speeds between 80-90 MPH without breaking a sweat, a feat that many small cars struggle to do even today.

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