Top 40 James Bond Vehicles Of All Time

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30. Land Rover Defender
30. Land Rover Defender /

#30- 2007 Land Rover Defender Double Cab 110

Appeared in: Sky Fall

At the beginning of Sky Fall, we immediately jump into a chase scene with MoneyPenny’s Land Rover Defender against agent Patrice in his 2007 Audi A5. In the crowded streets of Istanbul, MoneyPenny proves to be quite the wheel woman as she deftly navigates the crowded streets of Istanbul, although she does lose a couple of mirrors along the way. In the end, Bond takes a firm grip on the steering wheel and slams the LR into the side of the Audi, flipping and disabling it. Bond and Patrice commence a high-speed chase on bikes while Moneypenny follows in her LR.

Neither Daniel Craig or Naomie Harris were driving the Land Rover in the beginning chase scene as a special pod on top of the Land Rover was built for the close-up shots during the chase. The stunt driver was none other than Ben Collins (a.k.a) former Stig from Top Gear. In total, there were seven Land Rovers built and modified by Berkshire Land Rover. After filming, one of the specially modified Land Rovers with uprated suspension, engine components, exhaust and movie spec engine was auctioned on eBay for $85,000.

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