Top 40 James Bond Vehicles Of All Time

Photo Credit: Eon Productions
Photo Credit: Eon Productions /
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29. Triumph Stag
29. Triumph Stag /

#29- 1971 Triumph Stag

Appeared in: Diamonds Are Forever

Given the mission to uncover a diamond smuggling ring, James Bond assumes the role of professional assassin and smuggler Peter Franks. As Franks, Bond drives a 1971 Triumph Stag, the real car commandeered by Bond. After a switcheroo of passports and identities by MoneyPenny, we catch the Triumph Stag as it makes its way through the streets of Netherlands.

Around the time Diamonds are Forever began production, just like the Ford Mondeo was selected in Casino Royale for a cheeky bit of product placement, so was the Triumph Stag in pre-production form. Triumph, then owned by British Leyland, had a Stag in its press-fleet which they more than happily handed over to Eon Productions and United Artists to use.

That same Triumph Stag hit the auction house back in 2002 after sitting in a museum for a number of years and going through a restoration in 1998. The auction listing shows that this was Stag #14 built and at the time of the auction, the odometer showed 54,796 on the clock. When the gavel slammed, the new owner won himself a bonified Bond car for a USD equivalent $31,000. With a stout 145 HP and 170 lb-ft from its factory 3.0 V8, the Stag was quite a British Roadster for its day.

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