Top 40 James Bond Vehicles Of All Time

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17. Alfa
17. Alfa /

#17- 1981 Citreon 2 CV 6

“Well, I hope you have a car…this way!

Appeared in: For Your Eyes Only

When push comes to shove, you have to take what life gives you and for Bond and Melina Havelock who’ve just escaped from Hector Gonzales’s villa, the Citroen 2 CV was it.

Melina and Bond rush to Bond’s immaculate Lotus but shortly witness its self-destruction in a fiery flaming ball as Gonzales’ henchman attempt to open one of the doors. Bond and Melina then escape in France’s answer to the VW Beetle, the pokey 2 CV with 1.0 liter flat-four.

Normally 2 CV’s just have 29 HP, but in order to perform some of the stunts in the chase scene, the prop crew went ahead and stuffed a more powerful power plant  from a Citroen GS underneath the hood good for 54 HP. Keen eyes will notice that the chassis has been lengthened ever so slightly in order to accommodate the bigger engine. In total, there were four 2 CV’s used in filming.

17. Alfa 2
17. Alfa 2 /

To commemorate a successful product placement, Citroen released a special edition 2CV in the same exact yellow color that Melina owned. Adorning the body where fake bullet hole stickers and 007 painted on the front doors.

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