Top 40 James Bond Vehicles Of All Time

Photo Credit: Eon Productions
Photo Credit: Eon Productions /
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8. James Bond 2000 GT 2
8. James Bond 2000 GT 2 /

#7-1967 Toyota 2000 GT

Appeared in: You Only Live Twice

Iconically known for being Japan’s first supercar thanks to its sleek looks and high performance in the 1960’s, this was clearly Bond’s vehicle of choice for “You Only Live Twice” which was shot primarily in Japan. For a car whose entire manufacturing history only made 351 units, it’s a miracle Eon Production landed a duo of 2000 GT’s to modify for film use.

Thanks to Sean Connery’s height, he simply couldn’t fit in the already low-slung 2000 GT’s so the roofs were lopped off. We first encounter’s Aki’s personal company car in Tokyo when Aki rescues Bond and again when they are being pursued by henchman. Here is where Aki shows off a couple of the special features that Tiger Tanaka outfitted including a mini color two-way television, two-way radio, hi-fi receiver, voice controlled tape recorder and sony video tape unit in the glove compartment.

8. James Bond 2000 GT
8. James Bond 2000 GT /

One of the original 2000 GT convertibles was lovingly restored by Toyota themselves while the second unit was rumored to be repaired and used for testing purposes with rumors placing that one in a private collection. Recently Jay Leno got the privilege to drive the 2000 GT at Toyota’s HQ. Check out the video below.

Fun Fact: Daniel Craig considers the 2000 GT his favorite Bond car out of the entire Bond series.

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