Top 40 James Bond Vehicles Of All Time

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34. Rolls Royce
34. Rolls Royce /

#34- 1962 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud

Appeared in: A View To A Kill

Although the car in the film was supposed to be a 1962 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud II, it was actually a replica of the Silver Cloud owned by Albert Brocolli himself. In A View To A Kill, the Rolls Royce used was actually a Bentley S1 chassis (a respectable replacement chassis for any Rolls) with a Silver Cloud II grill in the front.

We catch several glimpses of this impressive piece of automotive machinery being driven around the Chateau de Chantilly by Sir Godfrey Tibbet, James Bond’s personal servant in disguise. After Bond and Tibbet break into Max Zorin’s secret laboratory in the middle of the night and Bond pulls that brilliant stunt of a horse race, Bond escapes the estate and by plan happens upon Tibbet in the Rolls Royce Silver Cloud II except Zorin’s May Day is at the wheel and Tibbet been rendered unconscious.

Our final moments with the Silver Cloud are when we see its beautiful shape being pushed into a lake while Zorin and May Day watch from above. Little do they know that Bond manages to escape and has stealthily been siphoning air from the Silver Cloud’s tires.

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