Top 40 James Bond Vehicles Of All Time

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33. Lincoln Mark VII
33. Lincoln Mark VII /

#33- 1987 Lincoln Mark VII

Appeared in: A View To A Kill

Some lists will rank the 1987 Lincoln Mark VII as one of the worst Bond cars of all time, but we disagree, as this hot rod Lincoln was never given the opportunity to show off what it’s got. We only grab a glimpse of the Mark VII as Bond climbs out of it into the muggy airport of Miami International, grabs his baggage and walks in to check in with first class. Given a chase scene worthy of Bond’s credentials, the Mark VII would’ve more than likely impressed movie goers.

The LSC stood for Luxury Sport Coupe and was colloquially known as the Rich Man’s Mustang as both car’s shared the same Fox-body platform. Power came courtesy of Ford’s 5.0 Liter front mounted OHV V8 that pumped out a generous 225 HP and 300 lb-ft of torque, the same engine found in the Mustang GT. Paired to that power was Ford’s AOD 4-speed automatic. Car and Driver awarded the Mark VII LSC top honors with a ten-best placing in 1986.

While we can admit that imagining Britain’s number one spy climbing out of an American sports coupe might’ve rubbed a few people the wrong way, we have to keep in mind Bond was in Florida and worked with the best America had to offer.

Fun Fact: A business owner who rented construction equipment to the movie prop master for License to Kill eventually bought that exact Mark VII and as far as we know, used Bond’s Mark VII as personal transportation for that individual for a number of years.

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