5 SEMA Builds For 2015 You Can’t Miss Out On

Photo Credit: Liberty Walk
Photo Credit: Liberty Walk /
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SEMA 2015 (a.k.a. The Specialty Equipment Aftermarket Association show) is here and that means a week long foray into all things custom as far as cars go. As the years have gone by, you’d be hard pressed to find any OEM Manufacturers participating in the show, but as time has gone by, OEM’s involvement has increased showing just how important this industry as a whole is important to them. There are literally billions of dollars on the table for how big this industry can get.

For 2014, it was all about over fenders, widebody kits, mainstream off roading, wheels and tires with custom offsets, the return of drag racing to the OEM market and a reminder that literally anything and everything can be modified.

This year we expect all lot of the same with an emphasis on making things look as clean as possible. An understated 2014 if you will.

There’s no better way to showcase how good a product is with just a single product. Oftentimes a complete build is the best way to go, and for 2015, there is no shortage of unveils that are set to take place.

Although the show hasn’t offically kicked off yet, there are a couple of builds you should keep your eye on.

#5 Rywire’s Acura Integra Type R Build

I’m going to say it right now. You are not going to find a cleaner custom Acura Integra build on the face of planet earth. Ryan Basseri (aka Rywire) has been in the import scene for quite sometime. His wiring products speak for themselves. Making some of the cleanest custom harnesses for imports, he’s built a name for himself no one can touch and his Integra Type R Build is testament to his company.

Thankfully Stickydiljoe aka (The Chronicles Blog) has been faithfully following the build of this car for the better part of five years and has been the internet’s one and only source for in-depth coverage on this one of a kind build.

"“Initially it was to restore a really nice Type R and drive it around. It didn’t quite turn into that, as time progressed it became a challenge for me. How can I reinvent the wheel so to speak. How can I go above and beyond and think of creative ideas that can work…The car is being built for my company to showcase our work to show what’ we’re capable of and what we can do. It’s being built to time attack road race specifications and the car should do amazing on the track. “"

The amount of custom work, attention to detail and final product was well worth it. Powering the Rywire Integra is a turbocharged K24 engine that’s been massaged by Bisimoto Engineering. Paired to the K24 is a Quaife sequential transmission. The interior has been stripped,strengthened and everything paintable has been dipped a special Porsche Orange found on the GT3RS. The dashboard is completely custom and sports a MOTEC display.

Check out some of the pictures hitting social media below and take a look at StickyDilJoe’s video coverage as well.

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