5 SEMA Builds For 2015 You Can’t Miss Out On

Photo Credit: Liberty Walk
Photo Credit: Liberty Walk /
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Sung Kang’s 1972 Datsun 240Z

If you’ve been following Art of Gears for the past couple of weeks then you’re probably well aware of Sung Kang’s 1972 Datsun 240Z that he decided to build for SEMA.

Underneath the hood is a naturally aspirated RB26 which sounds downright healthy (according to the dyno runs going down at Greddy Performance we’ve posted below.) Helping boost power a bit comes courtesy of six individual throttle bodies that absolutely sing at full throttle.

Outfitted around the outside is a one-off Rocket Bunny Kit from Liberty Walk’s CEO himself.

The inside has been entirely stripped and strengthened where necessary to bring the chassis up to 21st century standards and the outside has been painted a brilliant coat of white.

And if you thought this car was put on a trailer, this car actually drove all the way to Vegas for its official unveil. The Fugu Z was given a proper six plus hour shakedown courtesy of the drive from Irvine, CA to sunny Las Vegas, NV.

The car at first glance when finished might seem a bit understated, but on closer inspection you’ll come to appreciate all the smaller details like the custom FUGU Z interior pieces and billet plates where carpeting would be.

If you’ve been watching his series on Youtube, you’ll come to find out that Sung Kang truly is a man after a gearhead’s heart. He didn’t build the car all for himself. He built it to create new memories and learn something along the way.  He might’ve not built the car with his own two hands, but he’s shared his build with the world and more importantly, has built relationships along the way, something we can all learn a lesson from.

Posted are episodes 1-3 with three more on the way every week on Wednesday.