Watch This Lamborghini Aventador Blow Off Some Girls In Epic Fashion

Photo Credit: @Jlow_Fotoworks via IG Screenshot
Photo Credit: @Jlow_Fotoworks via IG Screenshot /

This is the equivalent of a Lamborghini Aventador saying BYE FELICIA!

Drive a Lamborghini Aventador for any length of time and you’re likely to get a group of guys and gals taking selfies and snap chatting behind it. #Lifegoals #Mine #LamborghiniMercy They’ll hashtag all the things. Well jlow_fotoworks off of Instagram captured this one particular Lamborghini Aventador straight blasting its loud pipes to the delight of these pre-teen fan girls doing what they do best, hitting that iPhone camera button for all the likes. Check out that video below. It’s pretty sweet.

You’ve got to hand it to that one girl taking a shot directly behind the Lambo. Even the loud revs from the mighty V12 didn’t phase her enough to stop taking a pic or video. That’s what we call dedication.

This particular Lamborghini Aventador is owned by Jorje Martinovic and we’re going to assume it’s based out of Toronto, Canada. And according to one keen-eyed commenter, it’s sporting a DMC carbon fiber body kit. That means CF front lip, what they call a front sword, side diffusers, rear diffuser, rear wing and deck lid. Suffice to say it turns a regular Aventador and kicks it up a notch.

So the next time you find yourself in your Aventador and are getting bombarded with photos from left and right, just hit the loud pedal and blast those pipes.

And that Jorje fellow is pretty legit. That’s his 2000 HP Lambo Gallardo above.