RUF Just Released The Best Nurburgring Video Of All Time

Photo Credit: RUF via Youtube Sreenshow
Photo Credit: RUF via Youtube Sreenshow /

The RUF CTR Yellowbird was THEE Supercar of its era and held the Nurburgring lap record for more than three years before a Bugatti EB110 came on the scene.

The 1980’s were all about big turbos, large spoilers, and rudimentary traction control when it came to high-horsepower supercars. On the top of the small mountain that was the supercar elite was the CTR Yellowbird with its 469 HP and 408 lb-ft from Porsche tuner RUF. With a top speed of 211 MPH, not even the Ferrari F40 could catch it.

And when they wanted to make a point at just how good their Yellowbird was, they took it to the Nurburgring, employed the use of a helicopter to get some epic pan shots and filmed their test driver Stefan Rosler straight whipping it around the corners at 150 MPH. There have been copies of this lap floating around the internet, but they’ve all been subpar quality. Now for the first time, RUF released the full 19 minute video in all its VHS quality glory. And it’s an absolute gem. Check out that video below.

With a production run of only 29 CTR Yellowbirds made, not only are they rare but finding any good driving footage of one is downright impossible, thus the gravity of this video.

RUF stripped out all unnecessary body panels and replaced them with aluminum. Wider wheels were outfitted as well as the fenders being slightly rolled.

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The engine was bored out from 3.2 to 3.4, fuel injection was upgraded and two larger turbochargers with twin intercoolers were installed. Paired to the motor was a five-speed manual. MSRP was around $223,000 per unit.

What results is a car far ahead of its time and a driving experienced unparalleled even to this day.