This FJ owner had a whining noise coming from his passenger cab

Photo Credit: Austin Frase via Facebook screnshot
Photo Credit: Austin Frase via Facebook screnshot /

We’ve all heard that noise coming from “who knows where” when we’re driving around. Thankfully Austin was able to pinpoint the location of his engine noise. *hint* It’s not where think!

The 1GR-FE is one of Toyota’s most reliable engines so when Austin Frase heard some noise coming from around the engine bay’s general vicinity, you’d better believe he went outside to investigate. Thankfully, he documented the whole diagnosis and happened to find exactly where the “whining” noise was coming from. Check out that video below.

"The FJ’s making kind of a whining noise?! It’s been doing it the whole time ride. I don’t know if it’s the gravel road when we’re leaving or what it is. You can’t hear it out in the engine bay though, but if I open the door here…"

Any car guy (who happens to be in any sort of relationship) is all too familiar with this type of “whine.” Thankfully you’ll be happy to know that this problem resolves itself on its own after awhile, sometimes in a couple of minutes. If it happens to last longer than that, you might have a more serious problem that might require more diagnosis time (a.k.a. lots of listening and nodding.)

It looks like turning up the radio in this case of engine whine may in fact make the problem worse. We’re sure Austin’s whine sorted itself out and that FJ cruiser should resume its normal operation sooner rather than later.

H/T- Austin Frase