5 reasons why the Subaru BRZ STI will be made

Photo Credit: Subaru
Photo Credit: Subaru /
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#3- There isn’t a boxer engine underneath that STI performance concept.

Photo Credit: Subaru
Photo Credit: Subaru /

Super GT in Japan is a grand touring car racing series with multiple manufacturers in different classes battling it out over a racing season. Since 2012 Subaru has been campaigning its BRZ in the GT300 class. According to Subaru, “ Under the hood, the BRZ GT300 engine is the proven Subaru EJ20, which has been tuned for road racing using technologies developed for the STI World Rally Championship (WRC) cars since the 1990s.

And when Subaru unveiled the STI Performance concept at the 2015 NYIAS, that was the engine stuffed inside. Just like the racing class suggests, that means this Subaru was good for around 300 HP and 330 lb-ft of torque. Basically Subaru took the base engine out of the Subaru TS and stuffed this race ready EJ20 under the bonnet and called it the STI performance concept.

2015.11.11 Subaru BRZ STI TC concept ()
2015.11.11 Subaru BRZ STI TC concept () /

If Subaru went ahead and released that STI Performance concept just as it was,  it would stay true to what STI stands for, namely honoring its racing heritage with a car with more power, balanced by the right handling and suspension modifications.

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