10 Tips And Tricks To Get Your Car To 200,000 Miles On A Budget

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7.Use Internet forums, Reddit subreddits and certain facebook groups to your advantage by becoming an active participant.

How does spending time on the internet get your car to 200,000 miles on a budget? First off, parts and items on your car are bound to break by simple wear and tear or just by design over the life of your vehicle whether it’s in your scheduled maintenance or not. Thankfully for you, someone somewhere has gone through simliar trouble and can be able to help you out.

For example, if for some odd reason your automatic transmission may start slipping between gears when you’re shifting, this can mean a number of things. It might mean a dirty shift  solenoid, dirty ATF fluid and even burnt out clutch packs within the bell housing. Certain causes might be more common on certain cars, but if you’re a newbie to all this car maintenance, you might be in the rough of what to do.

Back in the old days you might call your dad or friend and ask if they know someone who knows something about cars. Nowadays, there are dedicated online sites, subreddits, and groups filled with enthusiasts who are willing to help you.

For the lack of a better process, you can simply Google your make, model and generation of car you have +forum and you’ll be presented with a plethora of forums to choose from. Given how much activity is going on in each forum, you can pick and choose which ones are legitimate and which ones are filled with 12 -year-olds.

The same goes for facebook groups. Oftentimes, certain groups will be organized by region or make and model. For example,

Simply add yourself to the group, introduce yourself and if you have an issue, let it be known. You can add video and pictures to aid you in your quest to solve a problem.

Similarly, if you’re on Reddit much, they have dedicated subreddits for certain makes.

It’s as simple as that.

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