This Is What A Fuel Tanker With 8,700 Gallons Of Fuel On Fire Looks Like

Photo Credit: NBA Bay Area News
Photo Credit: NBA Bay Area News /

If you ever wondered what a fuel tanker explosion aftermath looks like, look no further than this Riverside incident. 

Fuel tanker drivers go through a lot of risks and highway dangers when it comes to making sure that your fuel arrives to your local gas station when it’s supposed. to. According to KTLA Channel 5 news based out of Los Angles earlier Tuesday, both directions of the 15 freeway were initially closed off due to a gasoline tanker catching fire emitting smoke and flames into the air. Check out all the social media showcasing this massive explosion that promptly hit the web shortly after.

According to reports, a blowout in the rear tires of the truck started flames. The driver of the truck exited the vehicle and proceeded to try his best to extinguish the fire to no avail. Seeing that sticking around would prove detrimental to his life, the driver booked the scene and reported the incident.

Fire crews from Cal Fire Riverside promptly arrived and “cut a line” around the burning truck to prevent the spread of fire from happening to nearby vegetation.

Instead of extinguishing the fire, Cal Fire opted to let the entire 8,700 gallons burn into the wind as the gasoline seeping into the local water supply would’ve posed a greater danger to the public.

It’s an unfortunate incident that possibly could’ve been prevented with a bit of preventative maintenance on the trucking company’s part. With the average price of fuel hovering around $2.60 as of this writing, close to $23,000 worth of fuel was lost.

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Props to Cal Fire for responding so promptly and preventing further damage.  As for all that gas, it’s literally all up in smoke now.