Crowmod Unveiled: Big Chief Unveils His Pontiac Firebird Pro Mod

Photo Credit: Kevin_1320 Video via Instagram
Photo Credit: Kevin_1320 Video via Instagram /

 Justin “Big Chief” Shearer unveiled to a packed crowd at the 2015 PRI Show his new Pontiac Crowmod which uses the same engine and transmission from his crashed Pontiac. 

Last month Street Outlaws celebrity and real-time Oklahoma drag racer Justin “Big Chief” Shearer crashed his 1972 Pontiac LeMans drag car during a drag race, the same car he’s had since he was 16-years-old. Well according to the Big Chief himself, the cat is out of the bag as earlier Thursday during the 2015 PRI (Performance Racing Industry) Trade Show, Justin unveiled his reincarnated Crow turned into a promod car. Luckily for us, MidWest Street Cars off of youtube published the entire video reveal for all of us to see. Check that video out below.

Taking a spot at the Weld Racing Booth at PRI, Shearer took the mic from the CEO of Weld Racing and introduced the Crowmod, as it’s officially been dubbed, as humbly as he could.

"Thanks. Everyone’s frea— awesome. Thanks to Will for letting me bring my piece of C— car out here with my awesome wrinkly car cover and letting me display it in their booth…I’m going to pull this cover off, everyone’s going to hate on this car and I’m going to answer any questions that you may have and then anybody who don’t like it can get in line and we can race all the way back to Oklahoma."

If you’re wondering what a pro-mod car is, according to Jegs,

"Pro Mod cars are full-bodied, left-hand driver vehicles which are very loosely based on production models. They also feature supercharged, turbocharged or nitrous oxide equipped engines that allow them to run deep into the five-second zone at speeds of over 258-mph."

The thing about Promod cars is underneath, the car bears very little resemblance to the actual streetcar on which it is based off of. The only thing left of the Pontiac Firebird is the rear half of the car which retains the same Firebird shape but on a wider chassis.

With drag racing, oftentimes it isn’t about the car so much as its the driver. Big Chief has been lining up his Crow in its previous iteration against pro mod cars and losing. It’s hard to run a car that has the same power and tires you might have but with just half of the weight. It looks like this Crowmod evens the playing field for the Big Chief all while keeping the spirit of his ’72 Pontiac LeMans alive and well.

The Pontiac engine and transmission from the original Crow survived the crash and will be used in this pro mod car. And like his original LeMans, this one will use a Rossler three-speed automatic with a different set of ratios obviously.

And the Big Chief summed it up best himself when he said that this particular Promod “will be the biggest, baddest, purpose-built street race weapon ever done.”

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So expect big power from this Twin-turbo pro mod with plenty of nitrous and a new swagger thanks to less weight.