West Coast Customs Returned YouTube Star’s G-Wagen Unsafe To Drive

West Coast Customs YouTuber Trisha Paytas’s Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen unsafe and unfit for driving.

The legendary Mercedes G-Wagon has met its match. Careen down the legendary Schoeckl mountain at 50 MPH, serve a tour of duty in a military or ford a river ? That’s all no problem for a G-Class Mercedes. But leave it at West Coast Customs for any period of time and consider your G-Class rendered useless without driving an inch. According to YouTube star Trish Paytas on her personal youtube last week, after requesting a couple of modifications on her G550 and waiting months for it to be finished, her G-Class was returned undrivable.

Back in October of this year, Trish Paytas financed herself a brand new 2014 Mercedes-Benz G550 (a.k.a. a G- Wagen.) Less than three weeks and 1000 miles of driving after her initial purchase, she dropped off her pristine G550 off at West Coast Customs with a simple list of modifications that included painting the G Wagon a certain shade of pink, Swarovski crystals in the headrests, crystals on the steering wheel and bespoke customized floor mats . Later on, we found out that West Coast Customs tacked on a laundry list of other modifications suggested to Trisha  by WCC salesmen that jacked up the price of her original list of requests. What follows is a PR nightmare that West Coast Customs hopes they never will go through again.

In true YouTube fashion, Trisha vlogged herself with her first initial video being filmed after a follow-up call and next video after she finally picked up her G-Wagon. Unfortunately for us, her videos were basically one cuts with very little editing so sussing through 15 minutes of film to establish a timeline was quite the challenge. But that’s the nature of vlogs and besides the point.

Initially, Trisha Paytas brought in her car on October 27 and was given a three-week deadline (even though admittedly she knew that sounded a bit too optimistic and WCC alleged they only promise 4-6 week deadlines.) A bit after the 17th (the 3-week deadline) and before Thanksgiving, a text message conversation between Trisha and a WCC salesman promised a 50 percent chance that her G-Wagon would be done before Thanksgiving (the 27th) with a whole litany of excuses as to why the deadline had come and gone. More text messages and e-mails promised a deadline of the next day after Thanksgiving, but after that, West Coast Customs pretty much dodged her inquiries.   Another deadline for Dec. 9th came and went,at which point three days later Trisha uploaded her first video. To add insult to injury Trisha claims that WCC talked down to her when explaining why it was taking longer than usual.

In a bid to sweep this situation under the rug, West Coast Customs threatened to sue Trisha for publishing her first reaction video saying that they were losing sales. West Coast Customs PR informed her that fans were sending warnings and death threats to West Coast Customs asking that they rectify her situation and to finish her G-Wagen project as promised.

A new deadline was penciled in (Dec. 17) and when the day came for her to finally pick up her G-Wagon, West Coast Customs threw her another curveball by requesting she pay with a cashier’s check (assuming that she’d be unsatisfied with their work and would call for a refund.)

After jumping through that cashier’s check hoop, Trisha finally picked up her G-Wagon, which on the outside looked absolutely immaculate, but upon closer inspection, pretty much anything electrical was useless. For one, her requested Swavorski headrests and personalized steering wheel and floor mats weren’t taken cared of. Additionally, the G-Wagon was reassembled with a host of electrical problems that resulted in the SOS light coming on, windshield wipers not working, radio dead, power seats useless, the G-Wagen was not capable of being locked, the instrument cluster was giving false readings, the turn signals were not working and her windows wouldn’t roll down.

How did West Coast Customs expect Trisha to signal her way onto another lane, adjust her seat to drive, wipe away rain, trust what her instrument cluster says, or at the very least crack open a window?

West Coast Customs then recommended that she drive the problem off and bring it to Mercedes the next morning to deal with the electrical problems. Trisha, fed up with their excuses, was going to do just that except she couldn’t adjust her seat forward to reach the pedals and was thus unable to drive. Ironically the L.A. rain also made it unsafe for her to see outside safely with the wipers not working. Five days later, Trisha uploaded her second reaction video with all the details we described above.

This story does have a somewhat happy ending as we gathered West Coast Customs, after being barraged with so much bad PR from Trisha’s fans (including one Shane Dawson,) they decided to fix the problems they made themselves instead of thinking this would all go away.

West Coast Customs even published a statement basically denying that they treated Ms. Paytas unprofessionally. As for why her Mercedes didn’t work in the first place, according to WCC

“We do not perform services to client vehicles that are not paid for and included on their itemized invoice. Our technicians complete through evaluations of all vehicles prior to being delivered to a client. Our final inspections sometimes identify issues that are the result of defective components unrelated to our services. ”

Although it’s a bit hard to understand we think WCC is still trying to push them blame on Trisha instead of just saying, “We screwed up.” The fact remains that her G550 entered into West Coast Customs completely fine and left with a host of problems.

According to Trisha Paytas’s latest Instagram post, it does look like West Coast Customs either fixed all their mistakes or brought in someone to fix it for them.

We think no one at West Coast Customs thought their problems would ever get that big nor that they would suffer such harsh backlash. Every customer should be treated the same whether it’s Justin Bieber (whom they’ve done work for before) or your average Joe/Jane off the street.

If this particular matter was brought into an actual court of law it would be a clear cut case in Ms. Paytas’s favor. And if she had gotten into an accident resulting from their shoddy workmanship, WCC would definitely have a bigger problem on their hands.