West Coast Customs Returned YouTube Star’s G-Wagen Unsafe To Drive

Photo Credit: Trisha Paytas via Instagram
Photo Credit: Trisha Paytas via Instagram /

West Coast Customs YouTuber Trisha Paytas’s Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen unsafe and unfit for driving.

The legendary Mercedes G-Wagon has met its match. Careen down the legendary Schoeckl mountain at 50 MPH, serve a tour of duty in a military or ford a river ? That’s all no problem for a G-Class Mercedes. But leave it at West Coast Customs for any period of time and consider your G-Class rendered useless without driving an inch. According to YouTube star Trish Paytas on her personal youtube last week, after requesting a couple of modifications on her G550 and waiting months for it to be finished, her G-Class was returned undrivable.

Back in October of this year, Trish Paytas financed herself a brand new 2014 Mercedes-Benz G550 (a.k.a. a G- Wagen.) Less than three weeks and 1000 miles of driving after her initial purchase, she dropped off her pristine G550 off at West Coast Customs with a simple list of modifications that included painting the G Wagon a certain shade of pink, Swarovski crystals in the headrests, crystals on the steering wheel and bespoke customized floor mats . Later on, we found out that West Coast Customs tacked on a laundry list of other modifications suggested to Trisha  by WCC salesmen that jacked up the price of her original list of requests. What follows is a PR nightmare that West Coast Customs hopes they never will go through again.