Last Koenigsegg Agera RS Going To Connecticut Resident

All 25 Koenigsegg Agera RS’s were sold in record time and Koenigsegg Agera RS 25/25 is going to Connecticut Resident Roger Beit a.k.a. @Sparky18888.

When you hang around Instagram long enough you might find yourself following some super car owners because “why not?” and you get to catch a glimpse of supercar royalty rolling through our Instagram feed on a daily basis. According to Lamborghini Veneno owner Kris Singh who goes by the name @lamborghiniks, the last 2016 Koenigsegg Agera RS is going to Roger Beit of Connecticut who you can also find on Instagram @sparky188888.

According to Singh,

Congratulations to my good friend and arch-nemesis, KING @sparky18888 who finally got around to announcing that he’s getting the last Koenigsegg Agera RS! Mr 1of1of1 is adding 25/25 to his collection! This is going to be awesome!

Earlier this week, Koenigsegg announced that they’ve sold all 25 examples of the Agera RS’s in record time (over a ten month period.) At nearly $2 million each and at the rate they flew out of Koenigsegg’s Swedish headquarters, Koenigsegg could’ve easily asked doubled the price.

The Agera RS has received global adulation and has been sold to markets around the world. The United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Japan, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the UAE will all soon see the Agera RS on their roads. The scarcity of the Agera RS program, however, means that many markets were left without allocation as demand far outpaced the limited number of Agera RS’s available.

So if you live anywhere in the Connecticut region and attend any of the higher profile car meets (a la Cars and Coffee etc.) don’t be surprised if you see this unicorn of a hypercar making its way around the local Whole Foods.

With a claimed 1160 HP and 944 lb-ft on tap from your run of the mill pump gas, this twin turbo V8 megacar is capable of speeds not seen in normal supercars. The Agera R has a theoretical top speed of 273 MPH so this RS should easily top the R by a couple of MPH. Just those few figures alone should be enough to see why these cars are coveted by supercar collectors.

YouTuber Shmee150 recently uploaded a walkaround of this one of a kind megacar earlier last year at the Geneva Auto Show.

There you have it. Keep your eyes peeled if you’re on the East Coast. You might be able to take a selfie with this rare megacar.

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