Scion: Every Car Ranked Plus Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

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#1- Scion xB

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The original Scion xB was a breath of fresh air when it was first introduced along with the xA and secures a number one spot in our books for being different, definitely youth-oriented, packed with value and arguably becoming somewhat of a cult-classic. With a base price of $14,165, the Scion xB was plenty affordable and was colloquially known as a tool shed on wheels. Derived from the Toyota’s bB in Japan, Scion experimented and rolled the dice on a “made for Japan” chassis imported onto American roads.

You only got one engine, Toyota’s 1NZ-FE mated to a 4-speed automatic or 5-speed manual pumping out 108 HP and 105 lb-ft. Speed was never its forte so 0-60 MPH took 10.6 seconds and the quarter-mile took 18.2 seconds to traverse. But the xB was never about performance.

Style was what the xB was all about. It’s as if Scion’s designers used nothing but a straight edge and a triangle to design it. And storage space. So much space with the rear seats folded out of the way.
Did you know…

  • In Japan, the bB was sold with an open deck version. With a rear window and rear bulkhead that has the capability to foll down, you could literally carry larger objects.