Scion: Every Car Ranked Plus Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

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#6- Scion iM

2016.2.8 Scion (5)
2016.2.8 Scion (5) /

The Scion iM plays second fiddle to the iA as two new Scions introduced last year that carry over as Toyota’s. Priced at $19,255, the Scion iM is a versatile, affordable and value-laden five-door that no one should consider a downgrade given its slew of standard features. That includes 17-inch alloys, voice recognition, heated/folding side mirrors, key-less entry and USB ports.

Scion iMs are powered by Toyotas 1.8 2ZR-FAE with 137 HP and 126 lb-ft. With 27 MPG City/ 36 Highway, the iM offers comparable fuel efficiency with those in its class.

Given this car’s utilitarian purpose, it’s not exactly sporty as reviewers have noted its vague feedback through the steering wheel and propensity to understeer. The suspension is good enough, visibility is a strong point and the overall package shouts reasonable commuter.

Did you know…

  • The Scion iM is known as the Toyota Auris in Japan.
  • JDM Auris’s have an optional Full-Time 4WD mode. (We wonder if that will make it as an option as a Toyota for USDM markets.
  • iM comes with an aggressive sports aero package as standard. If you’re familiar with the Corolla S package, you know the drill.
  • In 2013, Toyota launched a Mobile Suit Gundam campaign in Japan aimed at younger buyers in their market. You have to admit, it’s pretty cool. Check out that video below.

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