Car Buying: Is A Used Mazda 2 A Steal?

Photo credit: Screenshot via YouTube,
Photo credit: Screenshot via YouTube, /
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Fourth, it is SCCA legal.

One thing I’ve always wanted to try is to take my vehicle out for a few hot laps on a track.  I have driven canyons hundreds of times in my Mr2s, but getting quality track time is not only safer, but more enjoyable with a controlled setting. did a comparison that featured the Mazda 2 as a B-Spec legal vehicle.  There is a B-Spec kit available from Mazda for the suspension and brakes.

Now, I’m not crazy enough to delete the air conditioner and the radio, but you can bet I do want to run proper Bilstein shocks with proper spring rates and alignment for better road feel on daily driving settings.  More importantly, the kit is very affordable.