Morgan 3-Wheeler: California Dreaming On Such A Winter’s Day

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Initial Impressions: 

Upon first glance, the vehicle looks a bit small and compact.  However, the craftsmanship behind the woodwork of the chassis, the modernized double-wishbone suspension in the front, and the large rear tire at the back add a level of reassurance.

The design is unique, and harkens back to the Morgan 3-wheelers of the past.  Now, a bit wider, with a bit more torque, the car is more than just usable on modern roads.

Take another step back and it’s easy to think of the vehicle as a World War II fighter.  It’s not just a driver seat. It’s a cockpit.  Gloves on.  Goggles on.  Helmet on.  Ignition begins with a key and a twist, but after depressing the clutch and pressing the flip up start button, does the magic begin.  Few vehicles give a tactile feel to the pilot, err driver, especially with something as basic as a start up procedure.