Morgan 3-Wheeler: California Dreaming On Such A Winter’s Day

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Touch Points:

As a driver, this is one of the most underrated and most impressive aspects of the vehicle.  The steering wheel is easy to grip.  It communicates well through a manual steering rack, leaving every bit of tactile road feel through the narrow front tires.  The pedals seemed to be crafted out of single blocks of aluminum with the Morgan logo.  Like a race car, they are hinged at the bottom and provide an abundant amount of brake feel and vibration through the gas pedal.  It’s easy to find where the sweet spot is under acceleration.  The shifter is straight from a Mazda MX-5 and provides smooth, quick, slick, shifts.  Each of these variables lead to a straight-forward, easy-going driving experience.  It allows the driver to place his or her senses elsewhere; the view outside, the salty air of the beach breeze, and the thundering sound of the motor ahead.