2017 Acura NSX Online Configurator Is Now Live


Acura went ahead and unveiled their online configurator for the 2017 Acura NSX. 

There’s still more than 48 hours until those in the market for a 2017 Acura NSX can officially order one, but it looks like Acura went ahead and started the party early. According to Acura’s configurator, you can now spec out a virtual 2017 Acura NSX any way you’d like. It’s interesting to note that the only way you can actually get to the base MSRP of $156,000 is to spec out your brakes with iron rotors instead of carbon ceramics with that standard option becoming available later next year. Check out the site for yourself. We’ve also got the low-down on what’s you can do below.

To being, there’s the user interface. If you’ve played any car racing video game in the last decade, this process should be familiar. It’s as if Acura tapped Sony Polyphony Digital to make the ordering process as familiar as possible to millennials.

Photo Credit: Acura
Photo Credit: Acura /

First, there are the color options. You have your choice of

  • Curva Red
  • Berlina Black
  • 130R White
  • Source Silver Metallic +$700
  • Casino White Pearl +$700
  • Nor Gray Metallic +$700
  • Valencia Red Pearl +$6,000
  • Nouvelle Blue Pearl +$6,000
2016.2.22 NSX
2016.2.22 NSX /

For those last two colors, you’d think they’d include a tiny bottle of touch-up paint. We also think those paint options are a bit over-priced. But then again, it’s not like you’re painting a Civic here.

Next, there are your interior options with only four color choices.

  • Ebony
  • Orchid
  • Saddle
  • Red
2016.2.22 NSX 2
2016.2.22 NSX 2 /

Seats come standard with Milano Leather/Alcantara. For $1,500 you can stretch out some Semi-Aniline Leather plus power and for $2,500 you can go full leather plus power.

2016.2.22 NSX 3
2016.2.22 NSX 3 /

For wheels, standard are Acura’s Signature Y Spoke wheels. For $1,500 you can spec out their exclusive Interwoven Wheels in Machined, Painted or Polished finishes. We like the Polished look the best.

2016.2.22 NSX 4
2016.2.22 NSX 4 /

For right now, Acura is only offering Carbon-Ceramic Rotors at a price of $9,900. If you want Silver or Red Calipers instead of the standard black ones, that’s $700 extra. By our powers of deduction, that means Iron Rotors knock off $9,900.

2016.2.22 NSX 5
2016.2.22 NSX 5 /

Outside, Acura’s Carbon Fiber Exterior Sports Package tacks on another $9,000. If you want a Carbon Fiber Rear Decklid, that’s another $3,000. And if for some odd reason, you want to cover your engine with a CF cover, that also another $3,600. For the roof, you have the option of replacing the aluminum top with a carbon fiber unit for $6,000 which we think would look great.

2016.2.22 NSX 6
2016.2.22 NSX 6 /
2016.2.22 NSX 7
2016.2.22 NSX 7 /
2016.2.22 NSX 8
2016.2.22 NSX 8 /
2016.2.22 NSX 9
2016.2.22 NSX 9 /

Then there are a whole bunch of other accessories which you can add including a special set of CNC-carved wheels from a forged aluminum blank for a whopping price of $9,400.

2016.2.22 NSX 10
2016.2.22 NSX 10 /
2016.2.22 NSX 11
2016.2.22 NSX 11 /

If you optioned out your NSX to the nines you can theoretically order one for $220, 489.

2016.2.22 NSX 12
2016.2.22 NSX 12 /

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