5 Cars That Make Us Say “Damn Daniel”

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#DamnDaniel has been sweeping social media. We choose 5 cars for 2016 that have us saying, “Damn Daniel”

If you haven’t heard anyone saying, “Damn Daniel” in the last 24-hours, consider yourself blessed. According to Tech Insider.Io, this latest meme took off exactly one week ago on the 15th and from there, spread like wildfire. Currently, this particular tweet has been retweeted more than a 250,000 times and liked close to 500,000 times. In addition, it’s been remixed every which way and popularized over Tumblr, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and other social media platforms.

We’re not entirely sure why this particular video is so funny, but it just is. It’s a friend whose good-hearted and jovial enough to poke fun at his typical teenage best bud in the most endearing way. Add his iconic Southern California accent with an ever so slight vocal fry for comedic effect saying just the right words and you have a bonafide meme on your hands.

So what makes someone say “Damn Daniel?” It’s someone who pulls off a laidback look complimented by their own good looks. It’s the type of person whose business casual but isn’t afraid to dress down with a pair of athletic sweats. This person is young and probably a millennial.

Now we ask ourselves, what cars make us say “Damn Daniel?” These cars can’t be too serious. So sorry, no supercars or luxo-barges. They’re probably affordably priced with a sporty vibe with that ‘Je na sais quoi’ of style with ease.

Here are 5 cars that have those elusive characteristics and make us say “Damn Daniel”

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