Bugatti Chiron: A Look Through The Photos

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A quarter-view of the Chiron gives a better look at the lower lip and how the wheel profile fits with the design.  Notice how the driver side of the Chiron has an “inverse-C”, which is very distinct from the Veyron.  That is clearly a signature design just for the Chiron.  The Veyron attempts a harder look with a more blunt cut off for the air intake, and no connection to the roof line or A-pillar.  At this angle, it also appears that the Chiron has more of a muscle-car look with the horizontal headlights lined up on each side.  The look is very aggressive and honestly, looks like a mask for a Star Wars character.  The lower intakes of the Chiron are also well-placed and better fit to the horizontal headlights as well.

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