Porsche 911R: The Modern Purist Porsche

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Three: The tires have a smaller contact patch.

Before you think of what happened with the FR-S and BRZ, stop.  Yes, the Subaru BRZ and FR-S run narrow wheels and tires, and have a square setup so that all wheels and tires are interchangeable.  Porsche went a different route.  While the Porsche 911R also runs smaller wheels, the setup is staggered.  There are extremely high limits of grip available, especially when Michelin Sport Cup 2 tires are the primary source of grip.  Why opt for a smaller contact patch?  It makes a car more nimble. The suspension comes straight from the GT3.  Pitch and yaw responses are more immediate.  Changes in weight balance are more pronounced.  That is a crucial part of a purist driver’s experience.