Porsche 911R: The Modern Purist Porsche

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Four: Porsche is using more lightweight materials

It just so happens that the manual gearbox is the lighter transmission when compared to the PDK.  Coupled along with a single mass flywheel, the combination reduces weight by just over 20 kilograms, or roughly, 44 pounds.  Carbon fiber was also added to the fenders.  Magnesium was added to the roof.  Lightweight plastics were used for the rear shield.  Porsche Ceramic Composite brakes come standard.  Porsche took it to another level when reducing weight, by cutting out nearly 9 pounds in sound insulation.

For the absolute purist, A/C delete and radio delete options are also available.

The combination of the lost weight makes for a more agile car with a more raw, mechanical sound.  At a weight of 1,370 kilograms, or 3,020 pounds, this particular 911R is like a 911 GT-RS.