Porsche 911R: The Modern Purist Porsche

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911 R Light (2)
911 R Light (2) /

Five: Porsche retails the 911 silhouette.

The 911 has a classic shape.  That shape has changed in size over the past several decades, but it is instantaneously recognizable.  Die-hard enthusiasts will notice the GT3 front bumper.  While the GT3 RS-4.0 has front flics and a massive rear spoiler, the 911R is designed for a different purpose.  Gone are the front flics and other aero bits that create massive downforce.  Porsche decided to enhance downforce while retaining a clean, 911 appearance.  How?  The rear diffuser was enhanced to create high speed stability at Autobahn speeds.  The front bumper helps minimize lift.  Lane changes can be done simply without fuss.