50 Worst Car Crash Videos Of All-Time

DAYTONA BEACH, FL - JULY 06: Denny Hamlin, driver of the
DAYTONA BEACH, FL - JULY 06: Denny Hamlin, driver of the /
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#33- BMW M3 Driver Careens Straight Off A Cliff.

It was brave enough that this BMW M3 driver happened to upload the raw footage of his hooligan skills displayed for everyone to see but a tribute video showcasing this BMW M3’s final moments was the real icing on the cake.

The video takes place somewhere in the Southwest judging by the scenery driving by at speeds well above the speed limit. We’re assuming the E46 driver is following his friend in another BMW of similar vintage, both drivers in wanton disregard for the rules of the road and their own lives. On numerous occasions both BMW’s cross over the solid yellow lines on this two lane highway hitting apexes where they shouldn’t.

As the car he’s following disappears around the corner, he gives hot pursuit at breakneck speeds. Unfortunately, he misjudged the corner and understeers off the hillside. Right before impact we can see the BMW’s side curtain airbag inflate and the thud of the car as it lands upright.

The pictures that follow tell the story. His precious M3 is totaled but luckily he escaped with his life. Double yellow lines are there for a reason. Also, there’s a big difference between driving hard and using public roads as a racetrack. This E46 owner clearly crossed that line.

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