50 Worst Car Crash Videos Of All-Time

DAYTONA BEACH, FL - JULY 06: Denny Hamlin, driver of the
DAYTONA BEACH, FL - JULY 06: Denny Hamlin, driver of the /
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#44- Honda Insight Race Car Crashes At 190 MPH At El Mirage

Chasing speed records is a noble effort rewarded with cementing your name in the record books for years to come. Unfortunately, going for said records means taking on huge risks to reach those goals. For Brian Gillespie of the Hasport Hondata Insight team, that was the unfortunate case.

Earlier in the weekend, Brian and Hondata hit 200.9 MPH securing his membership in the El Mirage 200 MPH Club and a season championship. On one of his later runs, the Hasport Honda Insight was approaching speeds of 190 MPH in his K-Powered Insight when his car began to sway ever so slightly. At normal speeds, a bit of correction from the steering wheel would bring the car into a more normal path but at these speeds, the slightest correction spells disaster.

As the Insight began to turn sideways, the wheels caught and the Insight started flipping violently multiple times with parts and body panels flinging off at such high g-forces.

You’ll be happy to know that he was promptly extricated, airlifted to a local hospital, and is doing well today. Other than a punctured lung, fractured rib, and minor bruising, Brian survived the ordeal. A large part of his survival was thanks to a mandated roll cage.

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