Jeopardy: Runs A “Cars” Category

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Jeopardy ran an entire category labeled, “Cars.”

Boy, was I excited.  Sure, I watch Jeopardy on occasion, but it’s rare that they’ll run a category that I’m familiar with, whether it’s basketball, cars, or music.  VH1 ran the show “Music Jeopardy” well over a decade ago, and I haven’t seen that show since.

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While skimming channels on the tv, I decided I had enough of March Madness and took a look at Jeopardy.  I saw the “Cars” category and was thoroughly excited.  No more random car quizzes on Facebook to test automotive knowledge for a change.  This time, it’s legit, thanks to Jeopardy.

Cars For $200, Alex

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The first clue was a video clue.  Petrolheads that paid close attention, would have noticed the odd controls on the steering wheel.  That would have been a dead giveaway.  As the camera slowly zoomed out, the answer, (or question?) was obvious.