Jeopardy: Runs A “Cars” Category

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Cars for $800, Alex

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Honestly, all they had to ask was, “What is this?”  This was an easy one.  If I revealed any details about the car, it would be too easy.

Cars for $1,000, Alex

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While it would have been nice to get a daily double or another video clue, this was another easy one.  The fact that they even mentioned Elantra, made the answer that much easier to deduce.  Hyundai has been around a long time and despite a rough start with the Hyundai Excel, they have made quite the comeback the past decade or so.  The Genesis models, both in coupe and sedan trim, gave the brand a new heading, a redefinition of what Hyundai could do in the market.

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Overall, it was exciting to sweep the category.  Petrolheads have a wide variety of knowledge that stem from different places.  Some people are technicians.  Some people are designers.  Some people are engineers.  But, at least with this category on Jeopardy, we could response to more common types of answers.

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