Pandem FD Boss Kit By TRA Kyoto: A Mazda RX-7 With An RX-3 Front End

Photo Credit: Pandem via Facebook
Photo Credit: Pandem via Facebook /

The genius minds from TRA kyoto have made an aero kit that turns your Mazda RX-7 into an RX-3 inspired look. 

The jury is still out whether or not this is ridiculously awesome or borderline bonkers. But if that’s the reaction you just got, then TRA kyoto has done its job. Earlier today Pandem by TRA Kyoto (yes, the geniuses behind Rocket Bunny Aero Kits) have just released an FD Boss kit with an RX-3 inspired front end. That’s right. Trakyoto have made an aero kit that harkens to another Mazda of the late 1970’s

Earlier last year TRA kyoto took the SEMA show by storm with the debut of their Boss V2 kit for the Nissan S14 chassis. Those who participated in the over fender national all let out a collective shout joy as Rocket Bunny turned an innocuous looking Nissan S14 into a Chevrolet Camaro from the front. Diehard bowtie fans definitely had to double take when they saw this mashup up close. Again, opinions were divided with equal parts people loving it and hating it.

Photo Credit: Rocket Bunny
Photo Credit: Rocket Bunny /

Check out a couple of posts on social media showcasing a couple colors of this new Mazda aero kit.

When Rocket Bunny dropped their S14 boss aero kit, it was a full front to rear treatment. The full kit cost $4,380 and you can expect this Mazda kit to cost around that price as well. For your four grand you get,

A front and rear bumper, full front hood, grill, side skirts, front and rear fenders, rear diffusers, headlight mounts, headlights and side signals. They even recommended a wheel setup to match its looks. A staggered 275/40 in the rear and 255/40 in the front.

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This kit is plenty polarizing and should draw as much criticism as the inevitable JDM-fanboyism. As for this writer, he absolutely loves it. Original, neck breaking, and just what the doctor ordered for a chassis that hasn’t been getting much love as of late.

We wonder what Mazda thinks of these shenanigans.