Toyota: The 12 Models Of 1991, Their Peak Year?

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Toyota Mr2

It’s very easy for me to wax poetic about the second generation Toyota Mr2.  I have written about this generation vehicle several times, but never sought out to seek out a turbo.

While I owned a naturally aspirated 1993 model, 1991 was the first year of the product cycle.  Yes, the 1993 model came with a re-tuned suspension, slightly lowered ride height, 15″ wheels, and a lower front lip, but the 1991 model still has the same silhouette shape.

You see, this was the first time I owned something that looked like the Ferrari on my walls.  The difference this time, was the lower cost of ownership.  I could average 25 miles per gallon.  I had just 130 horsepower to work with.  Even with that basic power, it was easy to get the “supercar feels” when pushing the car closer to the limit.  Push too hard, and the car would bite.

The car was available as a hard top or a T-Top, with an optional automatic transmission.  It was the most fun I had on limited horsepower, and brought true exotic car thrills at daily driving prices.

To this very day, I still debate about getting an Mr2 Turbo.  As much as I love the FR-S for it’s responsiveness, the Mr2 Turbo still has 200 horsepower and 200-lb.ft. of torque with similar gas mileage.  A used model in decent nic, gets similar performance to the FR-S at one-third of the new price.