Toyota: The 12 Models Of 1991, Their Peak Year?

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Toyota Camry

Like the Corolla, the Camry is also perceived as a “beige” car.  The second generation Toyota Camry came equipped with a 2.0-liter, 115 horsepower engine, also capable of 124-lb.ft. of torque.  The EPA gas mileage rating was 24 city, 30 highway.  At just under 2,700 pounds and available with a 5-speed manual transmission, there really isn’t much to note about this car, except my personal experience with it.

See, we bought a Camry LE back in 1987.  The “Luxury Edition” was far more cool than the Deluxe Version pictured above.  Automatic seat belts were a bit of an annoyance, but in my family, it was the first car with over 100 horsepower.

I thought it was fast.

This was also the first automotive purchase that my parents took on with my advice.  I was a young child back then.  We couldn’t reach up financially to the Cressida, but I wanted that car instead.  It had an inline-six.

Instead, my parents chose the LE, complete with premium cloth, power door locks, 15″ alloy wheels, power windows, cruse control, a tape player that knew how to skip exactly one song at a time, halogen headlights, and four valves per cylinder.

I couldn’t complain.

Oddly enough, this was the first car that I stared at for hours when it was taken home and parked in our garage.