Getting Sideways with the Console Release of DiRT Rally

DiRT Rally (Photo Codemasters)
DiRT Rally (Photo Codemasters) /

We get our hands a little dirty with this new console release from Codemasters.

Big Blue
DiRT Rally (Photo Codemasters) /

The much anticipated console release of DiRT Rally debuted this week on Xbox One and Playstation 4 and I think this one is definitely worth a mention. I have been waiting for a proper Rally Racing game to make its way to the next generation console market for a while now. Most of you know that I am a fan of Sim Racing Games and prefer playing the ones that have a sense of realism to them; games that come as close to real life racing as possible, and Codemasters latest racing game, DiRT Rally, has done an excellent job of doing just that. 

First off, this game is extremely HARD.

AMD is dirty
Trying to nail that perfect turn (Photo Codemasters) /

The game starts off by actually telling you that it is an authentic racing simulation and if you don’t follow directions you will end up in a ditch. A LOT. The game developers of DiRT Rally really don’t care if you are new to playing Rally Racing games and want to start off slow. There are no trophies in this game for being just a “participant” because you couldn’t keep up. A good rule to follow in DiRT Rally is you have to be fast, focused and fearless to reach the top of the leaderboards. This steep learning curve can be frustrating for some players but after having the game for about a week, I can’t put the thing down!

DiRT Rally does an excellent job keeping you engaged and at the edge of your seat wanting more.  As you progress through the game, you will find yourself striving to improve your course times while maintaining that perfect speed to perform that

“Epic Drift” through the next corner.

Broken window
Cockpit view with Co-Driver (Photo Codemasters) /

DiRT Rally also does a great job of incorporating a Co-driver that reads off pace notes to warn you about upcoming turns, obstacles and jumps. If you follow your Co-Drivers advise to a T, things will start to flow and your stage times WILL improve.

DiRT Rally’s awesome sound effects and enhanced graphics only add to the experience.

Drirt Drifting
Tearing up the mud in DiRT Rally (Photo Codemasters) /

Even the little details; from how the mud starts drying on your windshield as you progress through a course, to being able to hear and almost “feel” the gravel underneath your car getting turned up, to even how driving through water hazards will cause you to lose sight of the road for a second or two, DiRT Rally simply delivers.

There are 39 of the most iconic rally cars available in this game dating back all the way to the 1960’s. As far as courses, there are over 70 stages of racing to choose from. Daily, weekly, and monthly events give players plenty to keep coming back for.  Wanna tackle the legendary Pikes Peak. Done. The snowy thrill of Sweden. Do it. DiRT Rally will have you racing all over the world in some of the fastest Rally vehicles on the planet.     

DiRT Rally Launch Trailer

In this clip, I try out one of the Daily Online Time Challenges using the 2010 Volkswagon Polo Rally car. I thought I had a good run time going before I hit that tree! Ended up in 431st place with a time of 7:46.764. Wonder what the top time of the day was? 6:24.267! Some tough competition out there . I really need to get better…

There’s no denying that DiRT RalIy takes Sim racing to a whole new level of realism. I am really enjoying this game. How much you enjoy DiRT Rally really depends on your level of patience and what you like to get out of your games. If you are a fan of Sim racing like we are at Art of Gears, I think you will be very pleased.