Tesla: A Recent Twitter Timeline Of Accomplishments

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Days later, Alex Roy (of /Drive and The Drive) spoke about the Tesla Model X.  He had a few reservations about the vehicle, just as I do.  After all, the Tesla Model S can pretty much do everything already, right?  If a new owner purchases a Tesla Model S P90D and adds Ludicrous Mode, he or she will have the capability of nearly matching hypercars with 0-60 times.  Better yet, an optional third bench is available with rear facing seats.  This turns a normal five-passenger vehicle into a seven-passenger vehicle.  Does the Model S run out of space?  No.  There’s a trunk in the front.  After all, the motors are in front of the dash, behind the rear seats, and a lot smaller than a normal engine with its’ components.

But, Alex Roy bought into the Model X.  It’s ridiculously quick.  The falcon doors remind automotive enthusiasts of the Mercedes Gullwing and the DeLorean of years past.  The autonomous features work well, but continuously improve to enhance the, lack of, driving experience.

The Model X convinced even the most die-hard of automotive enthusiasts of its’ features and capabilities.

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