Tesla: A Recent Twitter Timeline Of Accomplishments

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Photo Credit: Screenshot Via Twitter
Photo Credit: Screenshot Via Twitter /

Then, Ellen DeGeneres laid down a cultural truth.  The truth is, we all want a Tesla. Sometimes it’s hard for us to see past how tough things are at a job, being in debt, or any other kinds of struggles we get through in every day life.  In this case, it’s about human rights.  As she said, we all want the same thing, and admittedly, I think I can speak for everyone that wants a new car, that we all want a new Tesla.  If we could each afford one, it would be incredibly easy.  A used Tesla Model S  is still up a bit in price, but offer a lot of features.  They enter the used market at lower mileage ranges compared to other used cars on the road.

As if Tesla didn’t have enough cultural buzz, a TV personality such as Ellen DeGeneres, helped put Tesla into everyone’s stream of consciousness.

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